How can I contact LearnHQ Support?

Email We are happy to respond to your questions between 8:30PM and 4:00PM on business days. You will also find a Contact Us form to the left of every page on LearnHQ including this one.

How do I login into LearnHQ?

Your username for LearnHQ is your email.  If you have registered for SOLS training in the past, we likely have a login and temporary password set up for you.  Use the “Forgot Password?” link to reset your password. 

Login screen


Forgot password

 If we have your email in LearnHQ, you will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.  Once you have reset it, a second email will confirm that your password has been changed, and will give you a link to the LearnHQ login screen.  Login to the site, and click the “Browse Courses” button, or use the “Search” bar at the top to search by title or keyword.

What if my username/password is not in LearnHQ?

 If you cannot reset your password, it likely means that we don’t have the correct email on file for you and you will get the message "The username entered does not qualify for the online password reset.  Please contact your account manager for further assistance":

password error
 Click on the link that says “contact your account administrator” and we will assist you in updating you account.

How do I find learning activities on LearnHQ?

Use the “Browse Course” button on the main page to view the online and in-person training opportunities currently available.


The courses are divided into broad categories based on the SOLS Competencies Index for Public Library Staff - Collection Management, Technology, Public Service, Management/Leadership, and Personal/Interpersonal relations.   Courses that lead to a certificate are also listed in the Certificates & Diplomas area.

catalogue - sorted by competency

As you hover over each area, you’ll see options for more specific topics, if those topics are available.

Dropdown menu

You can also use the Search bar on this page to search by topic or keyword.

Search box

What are courses and classes?

On LearnHQ, all learning activities are organized into courses.  Courses refer to the subject that is being presented, although the format may be very different for each course (e.g. e-learning, in-person workshops, webinars, etc.).

Individual offerings of a course are referred to as Classes.  There may be multiple classes offered for the same course.  You can sign up for whichever one has availability.   Some classes are offered on specific dates, while others may be self- directed and available at any time. 

How do I register for learning activities?

  1. Login to the LearnHQ site.
  2. Browse or search for a learning activity in the “Browse Course” area. 
  3. Once you find a learning activity you like, click on the title to bring up a detailed description.  Then click on the “Register” button on the right side.

    Registration example
  4. Visit your dashboard to see the class listed.  If you have registered for an e-learning resource (e.g. online tutorials, online certificate program, etc.), it will launch directly from the Register button, and be placed under “My Classes” for future use.  (Note – this works differently for courses hosted outside of LearnHQ.  Please read our detailed FAQ on  learning histories and registration for external courses).
my dashboard

How do I pay for courses?

SOLS and OLS-North will continue to invoice libraries as required.  Other organizations may bill you directly, or allow for online payment.  For details on how billing will work, please read our detailed FAQ.

Why am I redirected to a different site when I register for some classes?

If you have registered for a course hosted outside of LearnHQ (e.g. EI Institute webinars), you will be redirected to another site to register, and the course will not be on your dashboard.  Please see our detailed FAQ on billing, online payment, and learning history to understand why.

What is the dashboard?

The dashboard is your homepage on the LearnHQ site, and is accessible once you log in.  It appears on the top of the screen, near the login button.  

Dashboard link

This is where you can find:
  • My profile – Your profile has information on who you are, what skills you have learned, your profile picture, and much more
  • Announcements  and messages from LearnHQ
  • Search - Enter a word or phrase to search all learning activities
  • Browse Courses – Lets you view the learning  learning activities. currently available, divided into broad categories based on the SOLS Competencies Index for Public Library Staff
  • My Classes - The details on learning activities you have registered for, as well the ability to launch classes that are active
  • My Upcoming Events – Reminders for start and end dates for upcoming events
  • New Courses – New learning activities.that have recently been added to LearnHQ

What is the Resources area?  Can I make suggestions for resources?

The Resources area is a comprehensive source of information on a diverse range of library topics.  It provides annotated links to information provided by our partner organizations (OLA, OLS-North, SOLS) as well as external sources.

Each topical page also has a link to the Information Science and Library Issues Collection from Gale Cengage , part of the e-resources suite funded by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.   Gale Cengage uses static IP addresses to determine where a visitor is from and grant access to this collection.  Library staff visiting this page while at work should be granted access automatically.  For remote access, search this collection from your own library's e-resources page, and use a valid library card to login.

We would be happy to hear of other great resources to add to our pages - please send your suggestions to

Can I search learning activities and resources at the same time?

Yes!  Use the search box on the main page at – it will search both areas.

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