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Learn HQ is looking for staff training programs developed by Ontario public libraries.  

  • Have you created a great training program for your staff, but are finding it hard to schedule and deliver the training?
  • Maybe you have a great e-learning program that you are really proud of, and want to pass it on to other libraries?

If you are willing to share it, we can host it!

Here’s how it works:

  • Give us a brief description of your training program in the form below.Include the topic(s) covered, the format it is in now, and the intended audience.
  • If your training sounds like a good fit for LearnHQ, we’ll get in touch to learn more and take a closer look at your content.We will also provide you with you our instructional design guidelines, so that you can tweak and adapt your materials for online learning.
  • The full text of all training content is reviewed by our Professional Information team, to ensure that it is relevant, accurate, and accessible.
  • Sharing is a big part of what makes LearnHQ tick. Maybe you want to post your training on LearnHQ so that your own library staff can work together on a course?That’s perfectly fine – as long as others can also access the course materials. We can set up a single course with separate classes, so co-workers can stay together in one class, while staff from different libraries explore the materials in a different class.Contributors will select a Creative Commons license before submitting their final content, to indicate how they want to share with other LearnHQ members. Learn more about which license is right for you.
  • Once all the reviews are done and you have picked you license, you will sign an agreement outlining the terms and conditions for uploading, sharing, and maintaining your content on the portal.

Contact us to get started.

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